Jewish State/Democratic State

NOTE: Description in progress…

This collaborative study group will explore the origin, practice, and consequences of Israel's claim to be both a Jewish state and a democratic state. We will focus on Israel's treatment of its own Palestinian citizens and its interactions with Palestinians and other Arabs outside Israel. We will also examine the significance of the Jewish/democratic claim for maintaining Western support and explore potential methods of countering the claim's accuracy.

As a collaborative study group, one goal might be to create a reading list and other resources for external distribution. We will work together to identify and assess relevant reading materials, from the historical (e.g., early Zionist rationales; early opposition; the anarchist underpinnings of the early kibbutz movement) to current issues (e.g., increasing religiosity among both Jews and Arabs; internal conflicts within Israel and Palestine; Israeli perspectives on the Jewish state/democratic state conflict; groups such as Israeli Anarchists Against the Wall).

The instructor was a Zionist youth activist from 1965 to 1972. More recently he has visited and taught in both Israel and Palestine. His focus on the intersection of psychology, law, and justice reflects his interest in both critical psychology and anarchism.

Method/Procedures: collaborative study group
Schedule: instructor preference is to meet one afternoon per week beginning in September, but student needs can be accommodated; contact instructor for further information
Location: Cambridge/Boston/Somerville, MA
Fees: just enough to cover room rental costs, if any - depends on numbers
Teacher: Dennis Fox


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