Inhabiting the Chuang-Tzu: A course with playwriting

A Global Great Books program course

The Chuang-tzu is a book (really a collection of writings) that you can live in. To live in a book is to go slowly, repeatedly. We will do so.

Read. Think. Memorize. Discuss. Along the way, compose small dramas, comedies or other theatricals based on the stories and disquisitions of this ever-stimulating and provocative work from the 3rd century BC (just prior to the Han dynastic beginnings).

Chuang-tzu (Zhuangzi) or Master Chuang was an anarchic personality, always evading categorization, playing with conventions, making paths that only he could walk. A great individualist, but always a friend. His life and philosophy, both on his own account and those of his followers, suggests another way of living even here and now in the 21st century west.

Teacher: Eric Buck
Schedule: To be determined with students, beginning in June and running until August
Location: To be determined with students
Cost: $12/hour of meeting time per student (lower rate if more than 5 enroll)
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