Indian Pre-Philosophy: Heroes, Rituals, Demons, Monkeys, Exercises, Stories. Cosmos, Goddesses

Wonder what's behind all the disagreement in the Indian darshanas, and all the commonality? Need a grounding in these texts before taking a course in Indian philosophy or want to supplement a course you've already had?
Feel like reading some of the world's most important early religious texts and narratives?
Heard about the pleasures of shared inquiry and the Great Books, and always wanted to try one?
Think there must be a viable world view out there that contrasts with our own?

Here's the marvelous list of readings:

Rig Veda


Rama_and_Hanuman_fighting_Ravana%2C_an_album_painting_on_paper%2C_c1820.jpg Rama on Hanuman Fighting Ravana



Yoga Sutras


Some of these texts encourage performance, especially the Epics. Others encourage practice.

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Teacher: Eric Buck
Location: Andala Coffee House, Central Square, Cambridge (corner of River and Franklin)
Schedule: Thursdays, 9:15am-12:15pm, beginning Feb 10
Cost: $12/student/hour of class time

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