Independent Book Stores

Lucy Parsons Center (for now, South End, Boston; soon to be Jamaica Plain) - new and used, lots of radical publications
Raven Books (Harvard Square, Cambridge) - used, scholarly, radical
MacIntrye and Moore (Porter Square, Cambridge) - used, scholarly, with an annex of cheap books
Brattle Books (Downtown Boston) - used
Harvard Bookstore (Harvard Square, Cambridge) - new and used and remainders
The Coop Bookstore (Harvard Square, Cambridge) - new
Grolier Poetry Book Shop (Harvard Square, Cambridge) - new, limited to poetry and belles lettres
Schoenhof's Foreign Books (Harvard Square, Cambridge) - new
Rodney's Bookstore (Central Square, Cambridge) - used
Lame Duck Books (Harvard Square, Cambridge) - used, rare, generally expensive
Bryn Mawr Bookstore (373 Huron Avenue, Cambridge) - used

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