Hey Kids! Lets Post A Show

With YouTube and Facebook, as well as easier access to production equipment has made creating and distributing your short films a reality, which includes people creating their own weekly (or monthly) web series. From sketch comedies and sitcoms to dramas and even soap operas, ordinary people with wild imaginations and/or lot of time on their hands have gotten together to post their own stories on the net. This course will not only cover the basics of video production (from 3 camera studio setups to guerilla filmmaking) and post production, but will help you to structure an ongoing and sustainable storyline and give you the chance to jumpstart an ongoing web series. We will also discuss how to promote and publicize your work when it’s out there.

Location: (if possible, I want to try and partner with one of the various public access stations in the area to help make some of this happen)
Schedule: Th 6:00-8:00pm
Cost: $13/hour of class time per student; or $260 for 11 weeks (which can be broken up into payments)
Teacher: David Concepcion

To enroll: mawriter212 (at) yahoo (dot) com, or here.

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