Green Anarchy

This course will venture into the dense thicket that is green anarchist theory and practice. In exploring the contours of various movements (which will include the Diggers, Deep Ecology, Earth First!, Hardliners, and the Anti-Civ. movement) we will become familiar with the competing discourses that collectively form the "radical" wing of environmental thought. Texts will include sections from Rachel Carson's Silent Spring, Aldo Leopold's Sand Country Almanac, Edward Abbey's Monkey Wrench Gang, Deep Ecology anthologies by Arne Naess along with other Deep Ecology theorists, selections from Dave Foreman's work and Murray Bookchin's polemical responses, articles by John Zerzan and Dereck Jensen, and pieces from the EF! journal, Do or Die, and Wild Earth. All of these sources will be available for free to download.

Method/Procedures: shared inquiry
Schedule: to be collaboratively decided at May 15 scheduling meeting
Location: Cambridge/Boston/Somerville, MA
Fees: negotiable
Teacher: Christian Greer


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