Greater Boston Free School

If you are interested in what is happening with the new GBFS, please write to a teacher, or to one of the people listed below.

We will have a meetup page!

Contact teachers by email to sign up for classes.


Want to ask some questions?

Go ahead. Ask some questions.


Olivia: moc.liamg|nafnamazzip#moc.liamg|nafnamazzip

Dave: moc.liamg|faeljp#moc.liamg|faeljp

Mark: moc.liamg|qse.emiahud#moc.liamg|qse.emiahud

David: moc.liamg|ssazulhs#moc.liamg|ssazulhs


Want to know more about what's happening at Corvid these days? Contact Eric at gro.egellocdivroc|kcube#gro.egellocdivroc|kcube

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