This will be an intensive course focusing on the mechanics of genetic diversity and predicting the possible outcomes of genetics crosses. It will be primarily a lecture course, with review of homework problems integrated into the class time.

It will be divided into three four-week sections. The first will deal with traditional, Mendelian-style crossing. The second will deal with events on the molecular-cellular level, and maybe some on gene selection / evolution. The third section will deal with modern conceptions, including human manipulation.

I also propose a project associated with each section, to be pursued by the class together. What those projects will be has yet to be worked out, but I hope they end up being fun and interesting.

This will not be an easy class, but it will be absolutely packed with information.

Method: lecture, with homework problems between class sessions, plus the projects
Schedule: Sundays 7-9pm starting February 13
Location: MIT (email me for specifics)
Cost: None
Teacher: David Kellerman

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