Philosophy, Procedures, Outcomes

The primary problems with today's higher education industry are that it goes too fast, does too much, and is too assertive.

At Corvid the goal is to slow down, decant, concentrate, integrate, study, know, and love.

Reading with the ears, thinking through the heart.

At Corvid, the style of practice is gradual cultivation, not headlong eager pursuit of credentials. This style is built on a modified conduit of learning: eyes > ears > heart-mind. To read, and to converse, is to listen. But this listening is with the heart, which feeds the mind. The program embraces a rationality informed by the warmth of life, but not in a pragmatic sense.

Every student at Corvid College is a reader. Every teacher at Corvid College is a reader. Every student in the same segment of study undertakes the same study, from common books.

The program in Logos, Tao, Deus, is singular in its concentration. It is not for everyone, not even for every interest in philosophy. While making room for collaboration at each meeting, and for variation of student-reader interest outside, the common reading list is wholly determined, the monthly conferences intensively designed.

Participation requires a preliminary interview.

What do you get for your troubles?

A brief transcript of books studied, papers delivered in conference. A portfolio of your best work. A recommendation letter from someone who will know you very well after so much work together. And a feather. We'll even throw you a party celebrating your completion. There are degrees associated with your work too.

Our Discursive Economy

It takes stuff to live.

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