Food We Have Never Eaten And Movies We Have Never Seen

This 'course' will entail getting together every other week to share a meal and watch a film. The films being shown will focus on radical cinema, hard-to-find film, 'Foreign', The Post-Apocalyptic, Avant-Garde, and the like. Cheers, to Joie de vivre and conviviality.

Some Films include:
Can Dialectics Break Bricks?

Cremaster Cycle

Jewish Anarchists: The Free Voice of Labor

Wild Zero

C'etait un rendez-vous

The End


Manufactured Landscapes

Course Minimum: 7 Students

Method/Procedures: eating, drinking, and watching
Schedule: Starting June 1st
Location: Cambridge/Boston/Somerville, MA
Fees: Free (plz bring a dish)
Teacher:Christian Greer

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