Everyday Autonomy And The Temporary Autonomous Zone

Who the heck is Hakim Bey and what is the Temporary Autonomous Zone? Good question. And even better, nobody is quite sure who this 'goofy sufi' is or what he is talking about when he proposes his distinct form of collective convivial conspiracy.


This course will focus on the work of Hakim Bey aka Peter Lamborn Wilson, with particular attention paid to his work on poetry, post-left anarchism, Sufism, and radical Ecology [Avant-Gardening]. All course materials will be provided. Provided there is enough interest (and we can locate the guy) we will go and visit this sage in Brooklyn at the end of the term!

Method/Procedures: shared inquiry, close readings
Schedule: to be collaboratively decided at May 15 scheduling meeting
Location: Boston/Cambridge/Somerville, MA
Fees: negotiable
Teacher: Christian Greer

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