Queer Erotics of Writing, A Workshop

Roland Barthes wrote that a novel is "inoperable"—you can't use a novel as a program and simply execute it in life, at least not without betraying the essence of the genre. His is a hard-line autonomy-of-the-artwork view.

Is it any different for erotic writing? Isn't it supposed to be different: smut is the genre that's supposed to be put in operation. In Jean Genet's novel Our Lady of the Flowers, a prisoner writes to his lover, asking him to put his letter into operation, "Try to recognize the dotted line. Kiss it, and remember the things we used to do." Porn and picture-books, the unloved step-children of literature, both try to put the thing right on the page.

We'll put things on the page. We'll divagate and read and write. Together we'll invent something other than the "read-aloud-and-then-critique" format of the typical writing workshop.

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Method: workshop
Schedule: Thursdays, 7:30 pm, starting October 7. Six sessions.
Location: Somerville
Fees: Free, free, free. Donations also gladly accepted; I need certain books, for example.
Teacher: Dylan

NOTE: Class is limited to 12 participants, AND to participants age 18 and above.


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