Elementals I. Stone And Earth

This is the first course offered in a series of courses on the elementals, those forces and substances of which many have thought the world most importantly composed.

Under our feet, the earth. But it also goes by other names: stone, land, soil, rock, humus. It is that out of which life emerges, and our bodies — our own mesoscopic earths — are composed of the same components as may be found in the earth. The earth holds all the other elementals but one, namely the air. It is our first home, and our last destination. What does it mean to living now? How can a poetic and philosophical study of it lead to contentedness?

Shall we also face up to the fact of ice? How about what is pulled from the earth and what is made form what is pulled: plastic, petroleum, and metals. The imagery of mining is a rich lode.

Readings in the Yijing (Book of Changes), Daoism, Five-Element Philosophy (all Chinese traditions), David Abram, Wendell Berry, Henry Adams (and other architectural reflections), "Sacred Symbols—the stone and the animal" Aniela Jaffe in Man and His Symbols, Stone John Sallis.

Method/Procedures: philosophical/phenomenological writing workshop, and collaborative reflection
Schedule: Tues, Fri 11 am - 1 pm
Location: Spontaneous Celebrations, Jamaica Plain
Fees: $288
Teacher: Eric Buck
Week-to-Week topics

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