Drop dead! the deficient modes of friendship

In Wayne Koestenbaum’s novel Moira Orfei in Aigues-Mortes, the narrator caustically remarks, “Many pseudo-friends have died of AIDS: now I needn’t fear their recriminations.” Spiteful as it is, this remark touches on something we recognize: how short can be the passage from amity to enmity, how swift the fall from best friends forever to best friends never (and how bitterly we may denigrate those friends who have had the gall to die before us).

Friendship is a perennial topic in university philosophy departments. In this class, instead of proceeding by asking "What is a friend?" and then determining the properties or qualities of friendship, we'll inquire into some of the privative or deficient modes of friendship.

Why ponder these bad breakups and too-early deaths? Maybe to follow, by a circuitous route, this dictum of The Coming Insurrection: "don't back away from what is political in friendship."

Topics and works might include:

Method: reading & discussing
Schedule: starts in early Oct; biweekly; 6 sessions; days TBA, but probably Mon or Wed
Location: Somerville
Fees: Free, free, free. Donations also gladly accepted; I need certain books, for example.
Teacher: Dylan


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