Drawing To See, Drawing to Live!

This class is for the casual or serious interest in art(both perfectly cool), it allows for no commitment, I try to present a few exercises at the beginning of class, then you take yr pick and i assist. I understand people are busy with school, work or life, so it's formatted so weekly attendance isn't a requirement or necessary to enjoy/learn/benefit from. Almost everyone draws a a child, but most people stop in their teens as society tells us we are not good enough to continue or you have to make it yr career. I think all people can get something from art and its creation and offer this class partly as a way to address this issue. Visual manipulation through media, such as advertising and propaganda, has become part of our everyday lives. First impressions are often made based on how something looks, but we usually only look long enough till we think we know what it is that we're seeing. Drawing forces you to really look at things, think about how you interpret the world and then, by way of mark-making on paper, present images back to the world. Visual art has been harnessed as a tool to manufacture desire for products and ideologies, to sway public opinion, and remains mostly a masturbatory social club for the cultural elite, but it doesn't have to be this way! Hang out and draw! This class will attempt to teach the fundamentals of drawing in order to provide students with the ability to better perceive and interpret visual stimuli. Discussions will include the personal and social relevance of art, analysis of the uses and techniques of visual manipulation, the increasing role of symbols, archetypes and stereotypes as a global language, and the impact of modern technology on visual art and its consumption. If yr not into that shit, dont worry, i don't give lectures or sermons except on the internet. I check my politics at the door and am there to serve yr and others interest in art, whatever that may be. Exercises will be of benefit to all levels of ability and the only rule is that negativity/mean behavior towards others in the class will be met with zero-tolerance as too much of that already exists in this stupid world, (look elsewhere for a bad time!). We meet weekly at Lorem Ipsum Wed. 6-8pm, class has been running for over a year and is now co-taught by art superstar Kira Leigh.

Teacher: Tom

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