Detournement And You

This is a class where we'll learn about "borrowing" intellectual property and reworking it to our own ends.
The first half of the class will be theory-based, where we'll complete seminal readings on the subject of appropriation at a pace we find comfortable, discussing them as peers. Occassionally, we'll also have a screening class in which we view works of appropriation.
The second half of the class will focus on putting these theories into action in the form of collaborative art amongst class members.

Schedule: Ideally, I'd like to meet once a week for 2-3 hours. I'm free in the evenings on weekdays, and we can figure out specifics depending on everyone's schedules.
Location: We can work this out as a group, but my place near Harvard is available.
Fees: I'd love to work out some kind of rotating food/beer potluck thing. I also welcome donations to cover the cost of photocopies.
Teacher: LJ Frezza
Texts: (I'll either provide photocopies from books I own or point you in the direction of free texts online)
A User's Guide to Detournement - Debord & Wolman
Free Culture - Lessig
Recycled Images - Wees
Postproduction - Bourriaud
more TBD

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