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Dennis Fox retired from the University of Illinois at Springfield, where he was Associate Professor of Legal Studies and Psychology. He continues to take on various academic projects, including most recently a semester at York University in Toronto where he taught a seminar called Psychology and Society in Critical Perspective. His primary academic specialty areas are the intersection of psychology, law, and (in)justice and approaches within critical psychology more generally. Critical psychology is an international effort to critique mainstream psychology's implicit (and sometimes explicit) support for an unsatisfying and often oppressive status quo. In much of his work Dennis emphasizes the relevance of anarchist perspectives, particularly anarchism's dual focus on both individuality and community.

Dennis's website, which provides more information about his academic and political interests, has copies of most of his academic and other papers and a description of his co-edited book Critical Psychology: An Introduction (1997 and 2009 editions). Also relevant is the website of RadPsyNet, the Radical Psychology Network, which Dennis co-founded in 1993.

Living in Boston on and off since 1975, Dennis has participated in a variety of local political projects from the anti-nuclear Coalition for Direct Action at Seabrook in the 1970s and 80s to anti-corporate work and support for high school students boycotting high-stakes MCAS tests to Palestine solidarity work. His current projects include a political memoir of his teenage Zionist years and more recent visits to Israel and Palestine, further exploration of psychology and anarchism, and assessing the compatibility between radical political efforts to create a new society and various networks focused primarily on personal growth and interpersonal intimacy. What he'd really like to do more of, though, is abstract photography.

October 2010

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