Deleuze's Difference And Repetition

A wild reading of Deleuze's most austere yet personal text—the one written under what would be his conceptual persona.

Introductions are often saturated, dense versions of the book the author meant to write. That's the case with Difference and Repetition, so we will be starting with Chapter 1, "Difference in Itself," coming back to the intro later. We'll also look at Nietzsche's concept of eternal return, to help us with Deleuze's ideas about repetition.

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Method/Procedures: shared inquiry, close reading of philosophical system
Schedule: Mondays, 6-9 pm, beginning Monday July 26.
Location: Somerville—contact teacher.
Fees: $10/hour of class meeting time per student. Fee lower with more than 5 students.
Teacher: Eric Buck
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