Degrees - basic and advanced

A degree in the most general sense is a division in a measure, a way of dividing up a line. It usually indicates a a level of attainment, and so has vertical connotations. Temperature has reached or attained 32 degrees Celsius. A man has been advanced to a 32nd degree Mason.

There are two degrees at Corvid College, two marks of learning and completion available. We are not much concerned with what the names should be for the first degree and the second degree, but here are some ways to think of them.

  1. By completing the Logos Tao Deus program of study, one earns the SW degree, the Scholar of Wisdom degree.
  2. By completing the Questions program of Study, one earns the Taecan wisdom (TW) degree, for one is designated a teacher. Taecan is old english, for teach.

or (inspired by Confucius),

  1. first degree, One Corner
  2. second degree, Four Corners

or (inspired by buddhology)

  1. Arhat, knowledge as personal acuqisition
  2. Bodhisattva, knowledge for the sake of enlightening others


  1. Monologist
  2. Answerer


  1. Logos-Tao degree
  2. Deus degree

When you finish one or the other program, you can have your pick of nomenclature.

In all of these we seek to reclaim philosophy from the technicians, pre-professionals, professionals, and financial geeks. We seek to steal from the bureaucrats what they stole from philosophy.

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