Darkterm 2011 proposed courses

Starting dates from February 1, 2011

Corvid Courses

Indian Pre-Philosophy: Sex, Violence, Cruelty, Creation, Duty, War, Play, Teaching, Ritual, Love, Yoga, Food, Death—everything you need for life.

Teacher: Eric Buck

Film Club

Teacher: Christian Greer, Zoey Nacht

Detournement and You: the Politics and Poetics of Appropriation

Teacher: LJ Frezza

Radio and Everyday Communication: Life, Voice, and Ideas

Teacher: Darryl Tatum

Drawing to See

Teacher:Thomas Hart

Building Socialism from Below: Communal Councils and Workers' control in Venezuela

Teacher: Omar Sierra

Half-and-half courses (in possible collaboration with other local educational ventures)

Mechanics, Steampunks, Engineers, Tinkers: philosophy and the forgotten powers of hand-eye-mind

Teachers: Mike Beach and Eric Buck

Popular Genetics

Teacher: David Kellerman

Paradise Lost: A Group Reading … With Puppets

Teachers: Christian Greer and Eric Buck


Teacher: Christian Greer

Dream Machine

Teacher: Christian Greer

Psychogeographic Shintoism

Teacher: Christian Greer

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