Courses Requiring Teachers

A political survey of fantasy literature

Authoritarianism vs. Anarchism in "Lord of the Rings" (should we root for the kings and monarchists, even if they're on the "good side"?), and utopian/dystopian futures in Ursula K Le Guin's books.

A fantasy survey of political literature

A survey of attempts at describing or psychoanalyzing the fantasy element in giving away your autonomy.

A free online course. The Complaint

Readings. Expository writing. The complaint forms in writing and oratory through the ages. Writing the complaint, humor, dramatic dialogue, poem, essay.

Gastronopticon: Foucauldian dietetics.

This course offered by "The Public School," called There is nothing less passive than the act of fleeing… Their syllabus is on their web site, and the course texts are pdf's hosted on another web site. All that's missing is the teaching. By a pedagogical method called kleptoparasitism, someone should steal the entire syllabus and teach this course. (For another kleptoparasitic Corvid offering, see "Queer Origins," in Darkterm.)

A course in piracy?

the multitude? something exploring what's been done with this concept in the last few years, testing it out

Knitting/Sewing Circle

I want to learn how to knit.

For Sunfall 2011, more courses including the theme of money (from the perspective of history, the arts, social sciences, natural sciences, farming, industry, etc.)

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