Corvid College Connects

A Lecture/Music/Art/Movie/Discussion Series

Corvid College Connects

Purposes: to interest potential students, to interest potential teachers, as event in itself, to create alternative education culture/soil (open critical discourse about American society, etc.), Lecture as performance; Sprout-like event, non-Chomsky events.

regular monthly time TBA, starting Tuesday, August 3rd at 6:30pm
Each event will include dinner (either potluck style or one person cooks and everyone pitches in a couple dollars, TBD)
Venue: Democracy Center (Rosa Parks room or Nelson Mandela room, depending on availability)


August 3, 6:30pm: Marie Trigona - Report from Buenos Aires: How ordinary people succeed in coping with the ravages of political and corporate irresponsibility

Thursday, September 9, 7pm: Envisioning the Democratic University: Organizing for Student Power - Tristan Husby and Patrick St. John

Wednesday, October 6: Pasqualino Colombaro – political violence and non-violent conflict resolution

Thursday, November 11: Dennis Fox - Polyamory or Israel

December : Eric Buck - The Necessary Architecture of Community

January :

February :

March :

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May :

Lecture ideas
if no presenter is listed, it is just a topic idea; not all listed presenters are confirmed; topics with confirmed presenters are in bold

* Open source and technology limiting technology
* Food politics
* Anarchist medical ethics
* Oil spill
* Music and Politics: revolution, politics of music biz, folk music, musicians panel on politics in music world, nature of performed music, famous-person music v. everybody else’s
* Pasqualino – political violence and non-violent conflict resolution
* Envisioning the Democratic University: Organizing for Student Power - Tristan and Patrick St. John
* "The Necessary Architecture of Community" - Eric Buck (lecture with slide show and collaborative design experiment)
* Matt M - music or cooperative living
* institute for anarchist studies
* student portfolio project
* Politics, Artists, and Art

Movie ideas:
* Reds
* Treasure of the Sierra Madre

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