Corvid College Connects

A Monthly Lecture and Discussion Series
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Corvid College Connects offers lecture/discussion events once a month on various topics. These events offer students and teachers who don't have time to commit to a whole class or want to test the waters first a chance to speak or learn about a particular topic.

All events are free and open to the public and include a simple vegetarian dinner. (Though we will happily accept donations to help cover the cost of space and food, like the rest of Corvid, we have no budget!)

If you are interested in giving a lecture or have any questions about the series, feel free to contact Allison at moc.liamg|illamlap#moc.liamg|illamlap.

Next Lecture:

Salvation or Replication? Rhetoric and Realities of American Higher Education’s Influence on Class Structure

Speaker: T. J. Whelsky
Date: Thursday, December 9th, 8pm, Location TBA

All Corvid College Connects events are open to the public

There is a narrative in American discourse that anyone can better her circumstances through pluck and determination and a college degree. College is often portrayed as the road out of poverty and a springboard to a better life. However, there is significant evidence to believe that American higher education more often acts as a mechanism for social reproduction and serves mainly to transmit the cultural capital of the privileged classes. Often, a lack of cultural capital –more than a lack of aptitude, work ethic, or determination—acts as a roadblock to attaining a college degree for the less-privileged classes in the U.S. This discussion will highlight some of the American political rhetoric and legislation surrounding access to higher education, while also highlighting some philosophical and sociological thinking that questions the legitimacy of government use of higher education as leverage for social change. We will hear the thoughts and words of Lyndon Johnson, Ronald Reagan, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Pierre Bourdieu, Jacques Rancière, and most importantly, discuss what you think about American higher education and whether it can be a means of salvation or a tool of replication in American society.

Upcoming Lectures:

Past Lectures:

- Dennis Fox: Confusions and Dilemmas about Personal Growth and Political Change

- Pasqualino Colombaro: Political Violence vs. the human trait for compassionate conflict resolution

- Patrick St. John and Tristan Husby: Envisioning the Democratic University: Organizing for Student Power

- Marie Trigona - Report from Buenos Aires: How ordinary people succeed in coping with the ravages of political and corporate irresponsibility

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