Completion Transcripts Portfolios

Taking a course at Corvid is only the beginning. The programs up the ante by offering carefully designed courses of study. To recognize your completion of a program, Corvid, like other colleges, offers a transcript, but with a difference. Our is a completion transcript. When a student completes a program she will have started and finished several courses. On the transcript this is indicated by the letter P (for program), followed by the number of courses in the program, e.g., P12. Program students will also be able to indicate unaffiliated courses with a U followed by the number of courses taken, e.g., P12U3. The rest of the transcript is a list of courses completed, program contact information, and a link to a URL with your portfolio there, if you desire. Upon assembly of the transcript, you will have a record of your work and a piece of paper to submit with job applications, if that becomes an aim.

The point of our completion transcripts is to force out of the educational process the technique of measuring every student to within an inch of her life, the tendency for grades to inflate uncontrollably, and the tradition of structuring college education in the way high school education is structured: we have eliminated general education distribution requirements.

You are still free to take courses outside your program, even those courses that are parts of other programs (though students enrolled in those programs have priority if enrollment numbers are restricted). You are not however, forced to develop a trivial and almost completely forgotten acquaintance with facts, which is all that Psych 101 or Introductory Logic or Chemistry 10 can give you. We believe that a student should be free following high school gradually to build up an integrated knowledge of the world as part of in-depth study.

For these reasons, your transcript will be much shorter and simpler than the standard one. It will not have course grades (there are none) or credits, semester gpas, or cumulative gpas. It will list no courses from previous college work. Consequently, there is no concern about matching gpa systems or determining whether 3 credits at College X are equivalent to 1 credit at Corvid. The completion transcript simply tells what you started and what you finished.

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