Collaborative Problem Solving

Do you have something you'd like to build, but just can't figure out what materials to use or how to fit it within your budget? Do you know of a law or policy that you think is wrong and you'd like to do something about it? Are you trying to grow your business, but do you keep running into the same wall? More importantly, do you just like solving problems?

Well, get together with the best minds in the area and make some solutions!

This is less a course and more a discussion group. We will work together to solve problems of any type. The focus is on solving technical problems, design problems, business/entrepreneurship problems, political problems, problems about building-on-the-cheap, legal problems, and most importantly, the problems that plague society and the world as a whole. We will not focus on interpersonal problems— you can check those at the door.
This course is open to anyone. Anybody can bring in a list of things that they want to find solutions for. I highly recommend bringing a pen and paper to keep track of your ideas as they come and go, so they don’t get lost while you’re waiting for your turn to speak.

Most importantly: The aim of this course is not just to identify and find theoretical solutions to problems, but to create and implement plans of actions for tackling them. Even if we do not follow those plans of action, having a plan and putting it out there for other people to implement is infinitely more valuable than just having an idea.

We will meet once weekly, unless we want to meet more often. It will be held on Thursday evenings or Saturday late afternoon/early evenings.

Cost and Materials
This course costs $0. Please bring drinks or snacks, a pen and paper, and a clear explanation of the problems you want to solve. This may be hosted at someone’s house, so be a courteous houseguest too.

TBA. Email me at moc.liamg|onUoremuNemosewArosseforP#moc.liamg|onUoremuNemosewArosseforP to RSVP

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