Building Socialism from Below: Communal Councils and Workers' control in Venezuela



The goal of this course is to increase the level of knowledge about the political, economic, and social changes that are taking place in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. First, we will place the Bolivarian Revolution in historical context, studying some of the key elements that led to the advent of this political process. We will then move on to discuss its proposal of Socialism of the 21st Century, through the analysis of concrete experiences of collective construction, focusing on Participatory Democracy and Workers' control.

Topics to be discussed:

*The big leap: From a predominantly agricultural economy, to an oil-based economy.
*1989 Caracazo Rebellion: IMF and the crisis of the neoliberalism.
*The Fifth Republic: Chávez and the Bolivarian Constitution.
*Participatory Democracy & Local Planning: Communal Councils & Communes
*New Models of Production: Nationalizations and workers' control.

The course will be taught in an interactive format, using documentaries, readings, and live conversations via Skype with community activists, factory workers, and progressive intellectuals and scholars from Venezuela.

The course will meet every two weeks on Wednesdays from 5 to 7 PM, beginning February 23rd and ending April 6th for a total of 4 sessions of 2 hours each, at a place in down town Boston to be announced. A set of 4 documentaries and readings will be provided at not cost to the students.

Enrolled students will be encouraged to give a donation per class (based on each person's financial capabilities) which will be arranged individually with the instructor. Please note that all proceedings will go towards the purchase of a transmitter for Radio Venceremos, a community radio station in Carora, Venezuela.

To contact the instructor: moc.liamg|tneve.aleuzenev.ofni#moc.liamg|tneve.aleuzenev.ofni

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