The cost of new course texts and other supplies is one factor in the unaffordability of higher education. Our college maintains a list of library systems and independent book stores that students can make use of to manage book costs better. The internet is, of course, also a source of more affordable copies, but is less desirable because buying books online fails the test of localism.

These days, e-books are available for most titles. Two sites making them available are and — gigapedia is the most complete repository of ebooks online, but requires that you make a (free) account and sign in. Or use my account: the name / password combination is utIYuvy / 9n5f99. (Also, make sure you select "gigapedia" in the drop-down box at the top right.) Downloading through these sites is much easier using the Firefox web browser ( ) with the SkipScreen add-on ( or ).

Two more e-book sites (for philosophy books):

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