Bob Hernandez

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I've been a lawyer for over 30 years, litigating primarily in the areas of civil rights (esp. police misconduct) and employment discrimination. I teach Legal Writing at BU and have created and taught several courses in Latino/a Studies at College of the Holy Cross, "Latino/as and the Law in Massachusetts" and "Latinidad," which studies Latino/a identity from an inter-disciplinary perpective (philosophy, psychology, sociology, history, political science). I've been an anarchist since the early 70s, when I worked with Black Rose and help found "Black Circles" and the "Black Earth Collective." I participated in and remain very interested in the development of the "urban commune." I am bilingual (my first language is French) and fairly fluent in Spanish. I am interested in teaching about the legal system, legal analysis, social theory, identity, Latinidad, discrimination, ethics. I would like to work on the design and implementation of a post-capitalist, post-state social system.

I received my A.B. from Princeton University, Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs (magna cum laude) and my J.D. from Harvard Law School (cum laude). I am former President of the Massachusetts Association of Hispanic Attorneys and have served on a number of professional organization, community and non-profit boards. In April 2010, I will present on Sonia Sotomayor, Latinidad and the Law at the National Association for Ethnic Studies.

Financial Structures


Cost Mitigation:

With a minimum enrollment of 10 students, course charges will be based on $20.00 per class hour, no charge for conferences and consultation time. Each of the courses I have proposed is based on 25 class hours; the fee per course is $500.00. Maximum enrollment is 20 students. I will offer a modest discount to all students if enrollment is more than 12 students.

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