To be a Teacher

To "become a teacher" with Corvid College, you need an interest in the Logos-Tao-Deus program and be willing to find and cultivate a group of students. Teachers are not hired. They discern, affiliate and develop.

Corvid used to offer any course a teacher could imagine. That's no longer so. If you want to teach in Corvid, there's only Logos Tao Deus.

The Application

Unusual, to say the least. See especially affiliation above.

The Interview

Teachers are brought on if the fit between the founder's and the potential teacher's views of education are compatible.

Preparing to teach

Once you have been welcomed as a teacher in Corvid, you will begin to find students to form a cohort. Mostly this occurs through making appeals to your existing communities and neighborhoods, but partly by means of the autobiography you post for potential students to read. Students who happen on the website will be encouraged to contact the teacher they would like to work with. It is helpful if you already teach part-time at the college-level, for usually conventional schools (local to the Boston area) provide nothing like our programs, and some of their students will be thirsty for what we serve. Even if the college offers a philosophy and religion program, it is always much narrower, and at much greater expense. In short, colleges are our second recruiting ground, after our currently enrolled students.

You the teacher: what sort of qualities should you have?

We have found useful a love of study; the use of study to grow in knowledge and love of things at their best and their Essence; an appreciation for the past; initiative and inventiveness; and a preference for the more intense forms of education. A capacity for studying books of all sorts: philosophy, history, natural science, religion, art, poetry, stories, mathematics, universal encyclopedias—all for the sake of discovering to students the One Alone. You must be able to undertake teaching as an art in itself. You should also agree with the philosophy of the college as it is found throughout this website, especially our having no use for bureaucrats or administrators. You should be cooperative but also enjoy solitude.

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