Bakunin And The Origins Of Modern Anarchism

6 sessions

The course will present the life and work of Michael Bakunin, ardent 19th century revolutionary and passionate proponent of liberty. It will be based on the reading of Bakunin: The Creative Passion by Mark Leier (Thomas Dunne Books, 2006; reprinted by Seven Stories, available from AK Press) and "God and the State" (published by Dover Press) by Michael Bakunin. Additionally I will be e-mailing out scans of other writings of Bakunin's. The books are available through bookstores or on-line distributors or the publishers. Let me know if you're having problems locating them.

We will study Bakunin's life; his activities as a revolutionary; his participation in the First International; the organizations he founded to advance his program; the content and significance of his teachings on Anarchism; his disputes with Marx and authoritarian socialism; his racism; his involvement with S.G. Nechayev; his role as the first exponent of syndicalist organization and activity; and his continuing relevance as a libertarian revolutionary.

Location: Encuentro 5 (33 Harrison Ave., 5 floor, Boston)
Schedule: Thursday evenings from 7:30 pm, beginning April 19, and will probably run for six 2-hour sessions.
Cost: Free, with collections to be taken to benefit Encuentro 5.
Teacher: Fellow worker Steve Kellerman. I can also be reached at 617 469-5162.

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Future courses in this program will examine the IWW; the CGT, c.1892-1914; the CNT, 1911-1939; the lives and teachings of Peter Kropotkin, Rudolph Rocker, Errico Malatesta, Nestor Makhno, Emiliano Zapata, Emma Goldman, Alexander Berkman, Karl Marx, Gene Debs, Bill Haywood, the Haymarket Martyrs.

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