Art School Is For Suckers

This class is for the serious artist. As a person who attended an art school, Massart to be more specific, and got little of use from the experience of formal art training and critiques(no debts though!, one good quality massart had, its cheap in comparison to most), i want to offer a class that will examine alternate methods of approaching the study and practice of art for committed artists. In most art schools once you move beyond the foundation level classes, one finds little actual education and more typically you work in a day-care type setting unless you have the tremendous good fortune of finding a teacher who actually gives a shit about what you are doing. Then at the end of the semester a bunch of gallery owners, curators or teachers come in and tell you what they think you should be doing and what yr doing "wrong", even though the know nothing about you or yr work, and tend to have their own agenda. The Critique is a flawed model for fostering creativity and tends to be a negative experience( Full Disclosure: at my first critique i lacked the vocabulary and ability to explain my work, and left in tears as it was clear to me that people had know idea what i was trying to express and frankly weren't that interested in figuring it out to begin with, after that i made sure to drink a bottle of wine beforehand and argue with critics when i felt they were inflicting themselves and their particular vision of what art should be on fellow artists). This class will provide constructive methods of learning to better articulate and express yrself through yr art, via collaborations, writing exercises, field trips, small projects and positive, productive feedback. Critiques will take the form of public exhibitions in non-traditional environments, (not in classrooms, galleries or museums) with fellow artists as support. If you are happy with art school that's cool, this class is for those that find it lacking or are looking for different perspectives. My mission is to help other artists and erase the separation that exists between the so called "artworld" and the real one. Contact Tom Hart if interested.
Teacher Tom

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