Anarchy Summer School

The teachers of Corvid College here offer many of the most important tools for anarchist, antiglobalization, anticapitalism, autonomist, situationist peoples, all concentrated in a two-week period of the Warming Term

Some possible seminars and workshops:
Ancient forms of Anarchy
19th Century Anarchist Writings
20th Century Social, Political, and Economic Criticism
History of anarchy: form revolution to construction; from destruction to effective creation
The theory of the How-To: Skillshares, Zines, Free Skools, Guerilla Gardening, and the role of teaching in anarchy
Social Philosophy: Process, Decentralization, Localism, Federation, etc.
Kropotkin's Peasant Anarchism
Goodman's Anarchist Writings
Anarchist Economics: The Ultimate Oxymoron?
A Life of Emma
Building the City: The Anarchist's Field of Action - study, repair
The experience of anarchy: anger, hope, and love

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