Adventures In Homebrewing

This is going to be a series of workshops/drop in attendance classes. Working with the extract and partial mash methods of brewing, we will create a few batches of homemade beer. I am also planning on attempting to make one of these [], and use it to brew a batch or two of apple cider this fall. I have been homebrewing for about three years now and have all necessary equipment (including a homemade wort chiller that we built in the "steampunks course last spring)and space required to brew ales. These meetings will take place at my house in Quincy, off the red line, and will take place likely on Saturdays mid to late October and on into December.

There is no experience required for this class, it was something I picked up as a hobby, and find very rewarding and am hoping to be a able to share with those who wish to learn.

Who: jeremy
When : various Saturdays in mid-late fall.
Where: Quincy. (T accessible)

In this class, you'll help us make (and consume):

  • Beer
  • "Kvass" soda
  • Mead wine
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