Aaron Manders

ajmanders (at) gmail.com

B.S. Nutrition : Boston University
M.S. Nutrition : Boston University
I am currently taking non-degree gastronomy classes at Boston University and work as a per diem dietitian at Quincy Medical Center.

I am interested in many aspects of food culture and nutrition. Of particular interest is the development of modern dietetics and modern views on obesity. I am happy to research and discuss anything nutrition/food related including agribusiness, animal rights, GMOs, etc. Clinically, I hope to make acute care nutrition and nutrition support my focus.

Financial Structures

Ideally, I rather not use monetary exchange, but rather have attendees contribute to class potlucks. Seeing as how the topic of class will be food and dietetics eating during and after class times seems appropriate.

Obviously, people's means are varied and thus the above "fee" is negotiable.

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