A Year with the Philosophical Saints

More to come soon, but the idea is to meet once per month for food, drink and conversation about a single philosophers biggest book.

The theme that the philosophers share is that there is something else there besides the objects of the world and besides the mind that does the thinking. Call it what you like—God, Nature, Tao, Brahman, the One Alone, the Absolute. it both answers to all of these and evades every one of them.

This course will be the equivalent of a master's degree in a certain lineage of philosophical classics.

The method is a hybrid of St. John's College's shared inquiry, the Socratic seminar, and others

Cost: $100 per month, which includes the Saturday discssion and a semi-monthly meeting to read aloud the text to be discussed.
Teacher and Organizer: Eric Buck, PhD
Location: Somerville/Cambridge,
Schedule: Last Saturday of each month, beginning in September, 2012

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