A Tour Of Natural Science

A Tour of Natural Science

The realm of the possible is vast, but still limited. Everything around us obeys basic rules, and people have spent much time and effort into understanding those basic rules. The search for these rules is, in many ways, the ultimate search for truth. The search for truth requires an open mind striving to eliminate its own prejudices, fallacies, and hypocrisies.

This course is an overview of the basic rules of the universe, aimed at people with little prior knowledge of the subject. The course will be an attempt to integrate into a coherent whole the artificially divided subjects of math, physics, chemistry, and biology, with a focus on making the scientists’ ideas and jargon to be plain and understandable.
Method: This will be primarily a lecture course.
Schedule: TBA
Location: Encuentro 5
Fees: Free
Teacher: David Kellerman

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