Forget Higher Education ...

You should pursue Highest Education. It'll have nothing to do directly with preparation for jobs. Highest Education is an-archic, that is, of no use to the mundane powers that be, to the world-system, to the economy. Highest Education serves only one thing, the One Who Bypasses.

Higher education has so many problems, everyone says so. They call their responses to them "reform efforts", but these leave most of the problems in place and create multiple new ones. You cannot get a Highest Education in most of them, but only pre-employment education, which is not all that high. The fundamental problem is that they've been invaded and taken over by non-teaching Administrators.

Always accepting new students. You start with the book of the month in which you enroll. Learn how to enroll.

The best educational institution empties itself of administrators and their noxious "ideas" and "programs". Say NO! to all the saviors of higher education who "get funding" for this movement and that, for this technology and that theory. Teachers and students and nothing else but the books: that's what you'll find in a slowschool.

“To be sure enough that something is true that you dare to tell it to a child.” This is “eternal education.” (Chesterton) Only in this is radical education useful.

The most radical education is the slowest because it does not synchronize with the timings or with the project or values of the contemporary world system, but with the thinking of the One Alone, eternal and true. The slowest education is philosophical and mystical, for knowing and seeing take the longest time.

You may be an anarchist, and wonder why you might study mystical philosophy: because the highest is also the most complete way past the values of the world. And the best place to study the One Alone will be so small it will hardly be noticeable. Should you want to complete your radicalization, consider …

An Apprenticeship Program in Philosophy

the Logos Tao Deus program in philosophy and mysticism in Boston. Should you wish to teach your own cohort of students in the Logos Tao Deus Program, contact Eric at gro.egellocdivroc|kcube#gro.egellocdivroc|kcube.

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